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June 2, 2022

DOJ Seizes 3 Web Domains Used to Sell Stolen Data and DDoS Services

The United State Division of Justice (DoJ) on Wednesday announced the seizure of 3 domain names utilized by cybercriminals to trade swiped individual details as well […]
May 26, 2022

Cybergang Claims REvil is Back, Executes DDoS Attacks

Stars asserting to be the obsolete ransomware team are targeting among Akami’s clients with a Layer 7 assault, requiring an extortion repayment in Bitcoin. The obsolete […]
April 28, 2022

CloudFlare Thwarts Record DDoS Attack Peaking at 15 Million Requests Per Second

Cloudflare on Wednesday divulged that it acted to alleviate a 15.3 million request-per-second (RPS) dispersed denial-of-service (DDoS) strike. The internet facilities and also web site safety […]
April 16, 2022

New EnemyBot DDoS Botnet Borrows Exploit Code from Mirai and Gafgyt

A hazard team that seeks crypto mining as well as dispersed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults has actually been connected to a brand-new botnet called Enemybot, which has […]